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Lets Get Back To Feeling Like Our Best Selves

Welcome to Kathryn McKinstry coaching where my aim is to help as many people as I can to feel the best that they can.

Feel like you’ve tried everything & not seen or felt the results? That’s where I come in!

Why Use Kathryn McKinstry Coaching

Sustainable and Long-term

Over here we focus on all of the things that we can gain as opposed to all of the things you think you have to lose. To genuinely create a lifestyle change which is sustainable longer term, its important to do it in a way that you can enjoy. This looks different for everyone but there is always a way.

Here we focus on meeting you where you are now and tailoring a programme to suit you and your life so it can be realistic, enjoyable & most importantly, sustainable. Sometimes the hardest part is simply knowing where to start. Having a structured & progressive training plan, nutritional guidance alongside the support and accountability makes all the difference to finally make those lasting changes.

Why Kathryn McKinstry Coaching Is Better

Our Aim & Mission

Our aim with our coaching is to help create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle for people which is also enjoyable to help them build confidence, energy levels & strength. This is done by setting up the basic habits, systems & behaviours in your current day-to-day which enables you to make healthier choices easily

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Achieve A Healthier Lifestyle

Having tailored workouts, my macros calculated for me, an abundance of delicious recipes available and an incredibly knowledgable and encouraging coach is exactly what I needed. I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made so far and can’t wait to continue my journey. 100% recommend signing up with Kathryn 🙂

Louise Hoffa

The Kathryn McKinstry Coaching Solution

It's Time To Choose You

You deserve to feel the best you can each and every day! You choose your own happiness – let’s build it together, step by step.

Tailored Programme

A tailored and progressive training programme that is specific to your ability, time & goals

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional guidance specific to your goals along with access to my full recipe library

Community Group

Weekly habit building & access to the coaching community group

Weekly Check In

Consistent guidance & support with a personalised weekly check in


Client Testimonials

My journey with Kathryn has not long begun and it’s been a fantastic start. Such a quick, easy and professional set up and Kathryn has been great in tailoring her guidance to my specific needs, she is always at hand when needed, responds to messages quickly and is amazing at making me feel motivated. Having tailored workouts, my macros calculated for me, an abundance of delicious recipes available and an incredibly knowledgable and encouraging coach is exactly what I needed. I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made so far and can’t wait to continue my journey. 100% recommend signing up with Kathryn 🙂

    Louise Hoffa

    I joined Kathryn’s coaching plan five months ago and have learned so much about fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing. The training and nutrition plans are easy to follow and understand, and Kathryn is always on hand to provide guidance and support. Kathryn is truly lovely to work with; she takes a genuine interest in her clients and goes above and beyond to help you progress and really make a lifestyle change. I would recommend Kathryn’s coaching in a heartbeat.

      Michelle Travers

      I always wanted to get into training to feel stronger. I was struggling to find time with a busy lifestyle. Since I've started with Kathryn 8 weeks ago, I'm doing 3 workouts weekly and really have noticed improved strength and fitness levels and alot more energy. The nutritional plan is really effective, I feel full after 3 meals from eating good food. Kathryn always answers all my concerns and questions I might have. I can't recommend Kathryn enough she is an amazing coach.

        Sylvia McGarvey

        I started coaching with Kathryn to help gain more confidence and feel better within my own body and 2 months down the line, that is exactly the outcome I have gotten. When I first started coaching with Kathryn I had experience with the gym but I had never followed a routine that I had stuck with. At the very start of my training, Kathryn gave me a workout plan that was detailed to my expectations and what worked best for me. Since then, Kathryn has guided me with a weekly plan that I feel far more confident and motivated with when it comes to the gym and my lifestyle choices. She provides help and support whenever you need it and is only a message away if you have any queries which she will give the best possible advice to help. I couldn’t recommend coaching with Kathryn more and I will certainly be doing her programme again!!

          Cara Vauls

          I was in a complete rut in life following injury, surgery & just general. Couldn’t shake it off, knew I wanted to but couldn’t find the motivation. Then I came across Kathryn on Instagram & her little dance made me smile every time. For weeks I followed her and finally picked up the courage to message. When you’re in that rut & confidence is low it’s hard to pluck up the courage to reach out. However, it’s the best decision I made. Kathryn is so welcoming and gears everything towards your needs. She is one of the most positive people I have every met & is a beautiful human. Not only has she help me lose weight, get back into gym, but most importantly she has changed my mindset and that is everything. An absolute joy to work with and advice & knowledge is top notch.

            Clare Johnston

            I’m incredibly happy with Kathryn and the progress we have made together so far. I felt so unmotivated and unsure what to do in the gym but now thanks to Kathryn I feel like I’m right back on track. Seeing and feeling the results fitness gives you is amazing. I can’t thank her enough

              Adele Rice

              14 weeks ago I would not have stepped foot in a gym. The whole thought filled me with absolute dread. I came across Kathryn on tiktok and signed up at the end of November. 14 weeks on and I am going to the gym 3-4 times a week and I absolutely love it! Kathryn is always there for support and inspiration and has worked with me to adapt and change plans as I have gone along. I now have a much better understanding of nutrition and how to make my body feel good. Thank you so much Kathryn!

                Lauren Honey

                I started with Kathryn after I had my 2nd child. I was feeling at my lowest in my energy, my eating habits and how I looked. Kathryn has been absolutely fantastic, she has made me see that it is about making lifestyle changes and not just focusing on losing weight that will make it sustainable in the long run. She does this through her easy recipes, reminding the importance of meal prep, her exercises plans and settings goals to make me accountable. Kathryn really invests her time into checking what I’m doing and giving ideas on ways I can improve. This really has motivated me to keep pushing myself to do better. I cannot thank Kathryn enough for how she has not only helped me lose weight but how she has really gave me the confidence and tools to change my mindset when it comes to my lifestyle.

                  Sarah Davidson

                  This has genuinely been one of the best experiences and things that I have ever done for myself. For someone who has gym experience I felt so completely lost with training, nutrition and I had lost any confidence in myself! Kathryn has been so so supportive with helping me get my energy and zest for life back! She has made everything so so easy, and we have done it at my pace and to fit my lifestyle. She recognised what was important to me and how to make it fit! This has been a wonderful experience

                    Enya Murphy

                    Kathryn has taught me invaluable knowledge that i can apply to the gym and to my every day life. Her programme has given me the confidence to push myself in the gym and be kind to myself in how i treat and feel about my body. All my habits are second nature now, she absolutely has helped me become the best version of myself and I can’t wait to continue my journey with her help!

                      Eve McClintock

                      Kathryn, she is like no other. Extremely understanding, supportive and focused on your goals and your achievements. Working with Kathryn has been completely different than any other coach I've worked with in the past. Her meal suggestions are so tasty, the app is so accessible and her all round approach to gym workouts and food management is incredible. She just gets it. She's extremely encouraging and motivating but still understands that not every week has to be perfect. Working with Kathryn I found that her approach to gym and food was supportive in both a physical and mental aspect. She understands that it's not always 100% and allows you to know that that's really OK, but to make improvements week by week rather than being 100% perfect. If anyone is considering working wth kathryn, i would really recommend investing in yourself and just doing it. You won't regret it.